Microsoft 365 Engineer at FinDev

Company: FinDev

Vacancy: Microsoft 365 Engineer

Location: Poland

We are not an out staffed company. English. Unbureaucratic, plenty of real coding. Fintech. Interesting.
Real salary. Plenty of perks.
We are a small company created by IT engineers.
De facto micro technology development center for a large and successful top 10 US investment manager.
As part of our development, we’d like to establish new teams in Poland.
We are looking for a really good Microsoft 365 Engineer to join our infrastructure team. A number one
priority for us now is migration from a bunch of existing shared files solutions to OneDrive. We do
expect from a candidate real hands-on experience in that field and ability to drive the process forward


● Design and develop Collaboration tool sets within the company, and promote their use;
best-practice, and value to users within the company, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint
Online/On-Prem, OneDrive, Teams, Jira, Confluence, Box, Slack, Personal Email Archiving,
SSRS/PowerBI and other applications.
● Architect and oversee migrations and upgrades across all platforms, work with users to deliver
functional parity as needed;
● Share knowledge through informal training events as needed, promote best practice, and
engage internal users for how and when to leverage Collaboration tools;
● Support all aspects of the Product Offerings in various engagement channels.


● Excellent Communication and Organization skills
● Experience in migrating Content Storage from various data sources ( DropBox, Box, Local NAS to OneDrive
o Work with User Community to identify target storage, security/permissions needed, and
understand the desired user experience
o Manage Application plugins, identify cross-impact in advance, onboard new
apps/plugins as needed
o Drive awareness of tools, training for User Community
● DevOps Skills
o Troubleshoot and advise users for issues related to our Products
o Failover To/From DR platforms (App & DB)
o Document Runbooks to update for config changes
o Integrate new apps/functionality as needed, write custom code to achieve if required
(Linux / Windows)
o Strong background in Powershell, leveraging API’s, and proven track record for
facilitating automation
● Experience in migrating Instant Messaging platforms
o Work with user community to communication needs, WebHook and Application
interactions and dependencies
o Manage Application plugins, identify cross-impact in advance, onboard new
apps/plugins as needed
o Configure Authentication and Support Apps as needed.
o Query data sources as needed for User reporting and analytics

What we offer:

  • A remote working regime.
  • A wide and complex role related to the automation of fund portfolio management.
  • Close interaction with co-workers in New York / Los Angeles / London.
  •  An opportunity to contribute to the engineering culture and IT transformation of “one small American company”.
  • Minimal bureaucracy, maximum common sense.
  • A set of perks is provided.
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