3D sculptor at GameDev company

Company: GameDev company

Vacancy: 3D sculptor

Location: Georgia or remote

We are a team of independent developers who are scattered across several countries and remotely create a beautiful mobile game. We are looking for you — an experienced 3D character sculptor, you enjoy how modern Pixar cartoons are made and have a desire to work in game development.
We invite you to take part in creating fun for other people) In our project, we expect from you high-precision sculpting of pleasant 3D cartoon faces with hair simulation (based on our 2D references).

How will the work take place:

  • We give you a picture with a cartoon face.
  • You sculpt the 3D head as close to the reference as possible
  • Simulate hair, eyebrows and eyelashes as on the ref (preferably grooming in Ornatrix)
  • Make the skin as on the reference, including makeup (very necessary Substance Painter)
  • We make edits as necessary to achieve the desired level of highness of the face)
  • Hurray! The head is ready! We transfer all the necessary files to a 3D character artist who will assemble the whole character and prepare it for the game)

If you demonstrate reliability and a high level of professionalism, we can help with relocation as much as we can, if you want it yourself.
Payment in any currency (dollars, euros, rubles — depending on your region of stay) within 24 hours after acceptance of the completed work.

Even if you are currently busy on another project, but you will be free in the coming months — write to us, we have enough work for many months ahead and we will be glad to see you, even if you can join us in a few months.

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